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Lightbox Training for Community

The training was divided broadly into four themes. The first of which was to provide the basic wiring skills necessary to be able to carry out safe and reliable repairs to the systems. This included a description of all the necessary tools, what they are used for how to use them. The tools were used for cutting, stripping and crimping wire, which are essential skills. Furthermore this included practical training, whereby each student would need to cut, strip and crimp wires to an acceptable standard.

The second theme covered training on the basics of how each main component worked, which included the solar panel, battery, charge controller, switch and fuse. The students were required to be able to describe what the function of each of the components was, and how they all related to each other.

The third theme focussed on how the system was designed, or more specifically how it was wired internally. The training involved using an example Lightbox, which was disassembled into its component pieces, and slowly put back together one piece at time until the system was working again. This also involved a discussion of the purpose of each of the components and why it was wired the way it was. The students were then required to each disassemble the components and then rewire it themselves with limited help. This was completed successfully by all present.

The fourth and final part of the training was to diagnose and repair faulty Lightboxes. A message was sent out to the community to bring in their Lightboxes if they needed repair. The faulty systems were then diagnosed and repaired by the students themselves, with supervision.