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Rural KZN Solar Home Lighting (LightBox)

Funded by environmental NGO Project 90×2030, we designed and installed 50 solar lighting kits in various rural KZN villages. This project entails an intensive program to train local residents on the basics of solar energy, as well as to maintain and repair the systems. The hope is that they can then set up businesses to supply spares and offer maintenance contracts to users. Grey Green continues to offer support to manage their new business and to provide access to spares when required.

The system components were carefully designed with the unique challenges of rural sites in mind. This included special attention to using high quality and long lasting components, such as aluminium frames and stainless steel fasteners, as well as UV protected cable. The batteries are sealed to reduce maintenance, and the 6W LED lights are expected to last more than 5000 hours.

These systems are available for purchase in large quantities. Click here to read more about our LightBox case study. Click here to see more LightBox technical information.