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Our first export!

Close the Gap has commissioned Grey Green do a second DigiTruck. This time it will be sent, by sea (and road freight) to Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The challenges faced once again were “How are we going to deliver a fully functioning off-grid IT lab to the DRC?” To keep logistics costs down, a revolutionary design was conceived by Grey Green that allows for no changes to the external dimensions or structural integrity of the container. To further reduce installation costs, the system was pre-engineered, mounted, wired and tested locally such that it was ready for a simple DIY installation in half a day once it reaches its destination by the recipient community members.

Grey Green has proven that it is now able to deliver containerized off-grid solar PV solutions to anywhere in the world.

Do you need electrical power in remote and isolated areas?
Do you need a self-sufficient mobile clinic, office or classroom?
We have a sustainable energy solution ready for you…

Sci-Bono & DELL Solar Computer Labs

Grey Green has completed a further 3 x 2.5kW off-grid solar PV computer labs for SHAWCO in Kensington, Khayelitsha and Manenberg. In addition to this, a further 4 x off-grid solar powered computer labs have been built, installed and commissioned in public schools around Soweto to be managed and run by Sci-Bono. The PV Panels used for these projects were sponsored by SUNPOWER. The gallery above shows 3D renderings from AutoCAD while actual pictures after installation are shown in the gallery below.

SHAWCO & DELL Solar Computer Lab

Grey Green installed a 1.5kW off-grid Solar PV system in a computer container. The container uses state of the art computing technology sponsored by Dell, allowing up to 11 workstations to be run off one server. All equipment selected for the container is energy efficient, carrying top marks in the Energy Star ratings system, thus allowing for a smaller solar system to be used. A mixture of locally manufactured and imported equipment was used. The programme was such a success that Dell has announced that a further two solar computer lab containers will be made available for SHAWCO.

Off-Grid Solar PV for Zambian Clinic

The Peace Parks Foundation contracted Grey Green to provide on-going consulting services to oversee the supply of three off-grid Solar PV systems to provide power to two schools and a clinic in a rural community in Zambia. The consulting services comprised reviewing a number of local supplier quotes and designs as well as making recommendations to improve the efficiency of the design and ensure more reliability and safety.

Shingwedzi Bush Camp Solar PV Design

Grey Green was commissioned to do a detailed design for an off-grid Solar PV system to provide electricity to the Shingwedzi Cliffs Bush Camp. The camp comprised an entertainment and facilities area, as well as staff and guest accommodation. The design included 7.5kW of solar PV panels centralised on a ground mounted support structure with a 600Ah battery backup and 10kW inverter for AC power. Sophisticated power point trackers were included to optimise output. Furthermore, detailed specification with regards to energy efficient appliances and practices was also provided to ensure maximum effectiveness of the system.

Feasibility of Aquaculture Plant Energy Design

Grey Green conducted a feasibility study looking at various designs for a renewable energy solution for a containerized fish farm for Philippi Business Place. This include pre-heating of water to correct temperatures as well as providing power for the pumps and blowers in the system. It was hybrid solar thermal and solar PV solution and also include some sustainable water treatment options.

Rural KZN Solar Home Lighting (LightBox)

Funded by environmental NGO Project 90×2030, we designed and installed 50 solar lighting kits in various rural KZN villages. This project entails an intensive program to train local residents on the basics of solar energy, as well as to maintain and repair the systems. The hope is that they can then set up businesses to supply spares and offer maintenance contracts to users. Grey Green continues to offer support to manage their new business and to provide access to spares when required.

The system components were carefully designed with the unique challenges of rural sites in mind. This included special attention to using high quality and long lasting components, such as aluminium frames and stainless steel fasteners, as well as UV protected cable. The batteries are sealed to reduce maintenance, and the 6W LED lights are expected to last more than 5000 hours.

These systems are available for purchase in large quantities. Click here to read more about our LightBox case study. Click here to see more LightBox technical information.