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Sibongile Children’s Home PV System

Sibongile installation in progress    Sibongile installation in progress

Grey Green was appointed by Project 90 X 2030 to install a 6kW grid-tied Solar PV system at Sibongile Children’s Centre in Khayelitsha. The system is designed to currently not feed back into the grid.  It is expected to cover at least 30-40% of the centre’s daily energy consumption. Top quality panels and inverters were selected to ensure the longevity of the system.

Feasibility Study for 1MW & 600kW Rooftop Solar PV

Grey Green’s assessment dealt with each of the client’s 10 buildings at different sites around the country as follows:

Perform detailed electricity consumption assessments,  determined each building’s electrical reticulation boundaries, performed structural assessment of the roof structure of each of the buildings with respect to its ability to accommodate the anticipated wind loads imposed by the fitment of a PV system; performed a site assessment of each building roof with regard to the likely impact of shading, space available and ease of access on the production and maintenance of the system.

Arising from those assessments, we proposed with detailed specifications and budget estimates, the largest yielding PV installation possible, stating R/kWh given a 25 year lifetime for the plant. We also prepared a yield assessment for the proposed PV Plant in terms of solar irradiation and electricity production. Our financial analysis presented the simple cost effectiveness based on the capital cost, operating cost and value of the offset electricity savings over the system life span assuming instantaneous embedded consumption and using the tariff applicable to the building as well as payback period.


JHB Zoo 4kW Ground-Mounted Solar PV

This project included the installation of the 4kW system as well as retrofitting some of the animal enclosures with solar powered electric fences. The system generates approximately 25kWh’s of electricity per day, which helps to reduce electricity bills as well as reaffirm the environmentally conscious image of the Zoo. The system was designed to meet the energy needs of the Zoo’s education centre.

National Zoo Solar PV & Golf Carts

This 4kW fixed ground mounted Solar PV system  is intended to be used to offset the power needs of charging two electric golf carts, which are used by visitors. The solar powered carts showcase that electric vehicles are effective and can be charged using renewable energy. The two golf carts are also fitted with solar panel roofs which reduce charging time by more than 50%, and branded to attract attention. The surplus energy produced by the PV system is fed into the Zoo’s main supply to reduce daily electricity consumption.