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SANEDI Tier 1 ESCo Accreditation

Grey Green have been accredited as a fully qualified Tier-1 Energy Services Company on the National ESCo register endorsed by SANEDI, DoE and GIZ. The ESCo register is meant to be an important tool to facilitate the market development and growth of ESCos in South Africa; and will be utilized by both the public and private sector to identify, plan, develop, finance or implement co-generation or energy efficiency and demand side management projects in buildings, public lighting or water infrastructure. See SANEDI ESCo Website for more information.

What is an ESCo?

ESCo Framework

This slide (Source: Jan W. Bleyl, 2009) summarizes what an Energy Service Company (ESCo) is by explaining what it does for its clients. The ESCo integrates the various Technology vendors and contractors offerings using its professional Know-How and design expertise to provide suitable energy Supply (Mega-Watt Hours) or Savings (Nega-Watt Hours) solutions for its clients based on their particular needs and contexts. These solutions are also based on available Energy Sources / Carriers, the current Legislative and regulatory frameworks in place and finally incorporating the best Finance options available, including incentives. The client need only be concerned about the energy Supply or Savings provided by the ESCo which comes with Functional, Performance and Price guarantees. The risk of dealing with the various other stakeholders and managing the energy solutions themselves are largely taken over by the ESCo being the specialists in this field.