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Distell Energy Audits

We have completed three intensive energy audits at three large distilleries in the Western Cape. This included a month of energy data collection through sub-metering at the departmental as well as the equipment levels to get a highly accurate energy demand breakdown.

The assessment included an analysis of the steam system, including an analysis of the boiler stack flue gases and condensate return. A number of detailed business cases were developed to present energy saving opportunities. It also included an analysis of the existing metering systems and recommendations were made to increase the effectiveness of the existing measurement systems. Finally, a number of behaviour change initiatives were recommended.

Energy Monitoring Systems

Grey Green Energy Meters

Grey Green Real Time Energy Measurement System – To identify and make sustainable changes to energy use in any facility, the first step is to be able to measure and benchmark energy use. The monitoring devices currently available are believed to be too expensive or far too complicated. Grey Green has therefore designed and developed a custom, locally manufactured, energy monitoring system. The units are DIN Rail mounted and measure single or three phase electricity use. The units are linked via GPRS to an online server and database where the data is processed and displayed on a customised user interface. The unit in its basic form offers simple real time electricity data reports including A, V, kW, KVA, KVAR, kWh and load factor for each and all phases. We believe that once the facility is comfortable with this basic data, the software can be upgraded by providing “packets” to include additional information such as bill verification and alerts.

Click here to see our energy monitoring system in action for one of our valued clients. (The site is best viewed using a Google Chrome browser. You can click on the site names in the table or the site locations on the map to see the site specific information.) Our energy monitoring system is measuring the power generated by the various renewable energy interventions that are installed at these sites.