Social Responsibility

Our entire business portfolio is focussed on being 100% socially and /or environmentally responsible. It is at the core of our companies’ existence and the reason we created this enterprise in the first place. Some examples that stand out, in addition to our normal day-to-day activities, are included below.


We regularly contribute to disadvantaged kids school fees.

Enterprise Development

We support and help develop various small business suppliers and subcontractors that we work with on a regular basis.


We regularly take in students, both local and foreign, for vacation work or as as interns on short term contracts to provide them with work experience and on-the-job training.

Free Advisory

Grey Green has committed to providing energy consulting services for 12 schools across the country. This work is carried out at no charge with the intention of providing much needed education to the youth of this country. Encouraging businesses and industry to make changes to the manner in which they consume electricity is challenging to say the least. We believe however that if the youth are educated about sustainability and renewable energy, the potential to make a difference for the future is immense. We strongly believe that the greatest potential to reduce carbon emissions and live more sustainably lies in the youth, and have therefore committed to try provide this much needed education.