Energy Efficiency


  • Energy Audits & Profiles
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Energy Management Systems (ISO 50001)
  • Green Buildings Interventions
  • Industrial Interventions
  • Savings Recommendations & Implementation


  • Guaranteed Energy & Cost Savings
  • Project Financing
  • Positive Cash Flows from Day One
  • Vendor Independence
  • Rebate & Incentive Management
  • Facilitation of Section 12L Tax Benefits
  • Registered ESKOM IDM Project Developers (ESCO)
  • New & Upgraded Equipment
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  • Pumps
  • Motors
  • Compressors
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Boilers
  • Fans
  • Lighting
  • Process Optimisation
  • Waste Heat Recovery

We focus specifically on auditing of medium to large industrial and/or commercial facilities to increase energy efficiency and to reduce operating costs. We make use of the latest in energy monitoring equipment, lux monitors, thermal and gas analysis equipment. 


Energy auditing is a structured process that is followed to develop a detailed understanding of the energy consumption patterns of a facility. Energy auditing aims to answer: Where? When? Why? How much? By whom? At what cost?

Through our energy auditing program, we aim to reduce our client’s energy costs by 20-30% at no/low cost (i.e. without any significant capital outlay). This is achieved through identifying behaviour change opportunities as well as highlighting areas where excessive energy use is overlooked (waste) in the general operation of the facility.

Further savings can be achieved by retrofitting equipment and optimising processes after a detailed cost/benefit feasibility analysis for each proposed intervention. This ensures that the client’s specific investment criteria and expectations are met.

Assessing your energy performance helps you to:
* Categorize current energy use by fuel type, operating division, facility, product line, etc.
* Identify high performing facilities for recognition and replicable practices
* Prioritize poor performing facilities for immediate improvement
* Understand the contribution of energy expenditures to operating costs
* Develop a historical perspective and context for future actions and decisions
* Establish reference points for measuring and rewarding good performance


Our energy auditing process is shown below in various possible stages. The figure also highlights the potential for increasing savings that can be achieved at each stage. In our experience, subsequent stages can usually be partially funded by the savings achieved in the predecessor stage so the capital outlay is kept to minimum and within our client’s budget while creating a positive savings spiral. Please note that we can tailor our overall energy auditing process offering to include only the selected stages that meet your requirements.

EE Spiral

Walk-Through Audit


Diagnostic Audit

Diagnostic Audit

Feasibility Studies


Implementing Interventions


Training & Capacity Building

For an energy management program to be successful and sustainable, it is important that employees understand the purpose of the energy efficiency and are empowered to participate and contribute to the process. This helps to get true and accurate information and also to build capacity to sustain the changes. We create this awareness by providing access to information and resources over and above the actual training programs. Part of this process involves identifying an energy champion and possibly an energy team (person from each department) who will own and sustain the overall program.

Training can be focussed around concepts such as: climate change, renewable energy, carbon (GHG) emissions and footprints, problems with coal, current electricity situation in SA, sustainability etc. Training can also be very broad or targeted for specific skill sets or departments. A customised training program can be developed to suit your company environment and industry context. The training can be conducted in parallel with other stages of the energy audit process- the earlier the better.

Monitoring & Sustaining Savings

In order to sustain the savings and continue discovering more opportunities for savings, we recommend on-going monitoring of your energy consumption. As part of our on-going support, we prefer to engage into long term partnerships with our clients where we offer the following services:

• Help to answer questions from your energy team
• Monitor consumption to ensure saving estimates are met
• Assume responsibility of managing energy use and continuously ensure you are using as little as you can within predetermined criteria
• Provide regular energy use reports and also alert you of any potential problems or trends
• Provide information related to new relevant energy efficiency technologies
• Advise of new rebates and incentives that are available
• Consult when changes are being made to your existing processes
• Validate proposals from other suppliers
• Provide general support and maintenance of interventions