Energy Efficiency Savings Realized

Energy & Cost Saving Examples

• Identified R300 000 annual electricity and R500 000 annual coal savings at no/low cost for a large brandy distillery
• Achieved R 800 000 annual savings at a shock absorber manufacturing plant which can be achieved at NO cost.
• Energy management program at two large hotels where we identified 20% savings (amounting to R206 000 per year) using no cost interventions
• Diagnostic audit at a concrete factory where we identified a 5% saving at no cost and a further 21% using interventions with a one year payback. This excludes the additional benefits from reduced demand charges
• Achieved a 10% no cost savings at an office block and identified a further 5% low cost saving
• Identified a 30% saving at manufacturing facility using a medium cost intervention with 2 year payback period

Payment Models & Results Achieved

EE Case Study -Payment Models

• The above 3 Year Total Savings are guaranteed & verified by Eskom’s independent M&V team
• Upfront payment means the client paid for the equipment and collected the rebates
• Financed payment means Grey Green financed the equipment & charged a monthly fee
• Shared savings payment means Grey Green paid for the equipment & took a % of the savings

Feasibility Study & Intervention Examples

• Boiler efficiency studies including flue gas analysis and combustion efficiency where we also assessed feasibility for supplementing coal with biomass
• Simpler interventions such as heat pumps, low-flow shower heads and energy efficient lighting

Diagnostic Audit Results Examples